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Burins, gravers, burnishers, small pointed blades with wooden handles – these are the engraver’s tools that bear witness to the secular roots of the oldest form of decorative art used to embellish the most exceptional pieces. The skillful hands of experts, gold and silver raw materials are transformed into a work of art, animated by the play of light. Between copperplate, bas- relief, or embossing, the surfaces patiently accumulate the details of the design, offering exceptional areas for expression.

The character lines of the shell, the scarab’s silhouette, and arrangement of surfaces and edges, revealed by exceptional light, provide the structure for this beautifully modern piece. The carefully designed shapes generate rhythm and volume, which generate extraordinary levels of French craftsmanship.


The intricate carving work on the scarab’s surface evokes both a high brilliance and the contrast with the gently polished finished of gold and silver. The scarab’s shell, finely engraved on silver, gold or rose gold, provides a sequence and character. The lightness of the grooves, superbly executed, realized in the finest materials, produces an area that generate life.

The very delicate details of the antennae and legs are a work of ultimate artistry, with the final objective being a beautiful reflection of light, lending an almost magical brilliance to the material. A balance between the modernity of the shape, the benevolence of the design, the finesse of the details, and the spirit of the brand celebrates a jeweler’s ultimate creation.


The rose gold design showcases a diamond in the center of the scarab’s shell.

This full‐cut diamond brings an additional stroke of light and confers a magnificent sophistication on the insect. Place Vendome jewelers enjoy a worldwide reputation for their expertise and creativity. The elite diamond is surrounded by a grain setting – a setting formed by tiny details in gold relief. A science of precision, as well as an art, the setting and its scarab transcend creations by harnessing the imagination and poetry of the artist’s crafts.


Japanese leather making is a craft of unique and vast expertise, and the tanning and leather workshops are known to fully master their techniques. The enhance the scarab jewel, a fine leather cord has been tailor made, following the Japanese rules of art. The lacework is a blend of traditional techniques and new technologies. This very fine cord is run through with a colored thread. The colors are directed by the seasons and trends, and always bold.

Craftsmanship is an exceptional field of artistic expression and the opportunities are unlimited. These are the creations of gifted artisans with a huge talent. These extraordinary savoir faire must be protected. Supporting the Made in France and Made in Paris labels is a way to preserve their professions and genius and develop a range of quality products.


This technique of decoration signifies the art of excellence – first in watchmaking, and now in Bug Me adornments of the wrist. Enamel on watch dials is often the most unique and beautiful touch in fine watchmaking. Nearly all prestigious haute horlogerie brands produce pieces with this aesthetic. Due to our background in luxury watchmaking, using enamel on the dials, we decided to dress up our Bug Me scarabs with a touch of beautiful colors, emitted by enamel.

Because of the organic nature of the material and manner in which it is produced — almost always by the skilled hand of an experienced artisan — I believe that it can be fairly stated that every creation with an enamel is a unique piece as well.

The master artisan does not paint the motif directly on the jewel but applies more oxides on the Bug Me beetle shell. Then, the enameller moves the dial into fire (800-900° C) several (3-4) times to allow colors appear gradually. The “Grand Feu” enamel sets unalterable and refined decoration. 
Breakage and contingencies are common during the realization of these masterpieces entrusted to confirmed artisans.