The Audacious Bug Me menagerie -  These scarabs are exclusive jewels in search of that unique wrist that will adopt them. Their owner is a protector; he is sweet and precious; always dressed to the nine … because each man is unique, so are his options in color and style. The Bug Me bracelets from this collection are a clear reminder of just that. Choose from Passe­‐velours, Veronese, Hooker, Klein, Majorelle, Carbon or Malt.


Loyal and adventurous, on the lookout for a travel companion to join him on extraordinary journeys.


Passionate by nature and always positive, constantly hopeful to be received by one who shares the vehemence for life.


Magnetic, fearless, and always in love, seeking a pretty watch to share a wrist with.


Wise, serene and contemplative, romanticizes about being situated in comfort and softness.


A dandy of genuine effortlessness, lucky to be so elegant, searching for his alter ego.


Monsieur likes to listen to the bewitching tick of a lovely watch, and to lounge beside a stunning Havana alligator bracelet.


Rebellious yet chic, his great passion is searching for the ride of a lifetime … for two.

The delicate art of enamelling

This technique of decoration signifies the art of excellence – first in watchmaking, and now in Bug Me adornments of the wrist.

Enamel on watch dials is often the most unique and beautiful touch in fine watchmaking. Nearly all prestigious haute horlogerie brands produce pieces with this aesthetic. Due to our background in luxury watchmaking, using enamel on the dials, we decided to dress up our Bug Me scarabs with a touch of beautiful colors, emitted by enamel.

Vanessa Lecci, Master of the art of enamel

'Every passage in the kiln demands great attention to achieve perfection, brilliant colours and a smooth, flawless surface. Here in Switzerland, land of fine watch-making, enamel is considered as one of the rarest and most prestigious techniques to decorate watches, which are often destined to refined collectors all over the world' 

To us, our dear friend Vanessa Lecci, is the most gifted enamel artisan in the Swiss watch industry. We have worked with her often in the past, on various watch projects. Working with Vanessa on the creation of new scarabs in Grand Feu enamel was the obvious next step in the evolution of Bug Me. Thank you so much, Vanessa!

Vanessa Lecci at work

A fabulous craftsmanship

Because of the organic nature of the material and manner in which it is produced — almost always by the skilled hand of an experienced artisan — I believe that it can be fairly stated that every creation with an enamel is a unique piece as well.

The master artisan does not paint the motif directly on the jewel but applies more oxides on the Bug Me beetle shell. Then, the enameller moves the dial into fire (800-900° C) several (3-4) times to allow colors appear gradually. The “Grand Feu” enamel sets unalterable and refined decoration. 
Breakage and contingencies are common during the realization of these masterpieces entrusted to confirmed artisans.