Bug Me - La petite bête qui monte!

Here is a new article, from La Gazette des Helvètes, about our 'idea laboratory' and our jewelry collection!

I love the kind idea of these journalists to talk about our little beetle and saying: 'la petite bête qui monte' or the smalll bug which rises!   It's a nice way of talking about our little bug full of character.

I suggest you read the article 'un scarabée au poignet' in full on http://www.lagazettedelhelvete.ch/un-scarabee-au-poignet/ 

Warm thank you to the whole team. xxx

Bug Me Twice new bracelet #valentine's day

Special edition  for lovers, two face to face little bugs, made in gold 18ct! 14 grams of pure rose gold and two diamonds! For a stylish and unique bracelet, you can personalize the color and the texture of the thin leather cord !

For lovers, and not only, the special edition is declined in sterling silver with two face to face bugs on your choice leather color! So sexy!

Source: http://bugme.ch/

Bug Me event in Paris #parisdays / fashionweekinparis

We are going to go down that path with you today, and give some daily details of our bugs, went for a little promenade in Paris during the parisian fashion week. After our stay in Japan, we enjoy our event night under the umbrella's of  the trendy Lola's restaurant Avenue George V. Absolutly great  moments... sushis were delicious too! :)

Me, you, and our little bugs!

Rendez-vous at the Louis vuitton Foundation in Paris, under the Franck Ghery's flying fishes...

What could be more glamourous than drink a matcha lattle at the Galeries of the Palais royal gardens? A flavor that reminds us of Japan and the delicacy of the boutique of Kitsuné, dit le renard, in Tokyo. Trendy, electro, and so fashionable!

Kitsuné at Montpensier galeries - 1er arr Paris