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The delicacy of beetles provided the company’s inspiration

We first discovered the delicate scarab in Chinese painting. It was well hidden, behind a chrysanthemum petal, but the discovery was meant to be. This delicate insect is sacred in ancient Egypt; the symbol of revival and resurrection. It is also quite appealing for the eye, varying in shades of blue, green or gold. With its beauty, strong symbolism, and worldwide significance, it is the perfect inspiration for Bug Me products.

The style and shape of the small scarabs create softness on the wrist. The grace o the insect conveys kindness and a reminds us of the good fortune we can carry with us everywhere. The contour is comfortable and ergonomic. The details on the shell, on the legs, and on the antennae give this jewel charisma and personality. The details radiate brightness, with the intense reflections of light.

The leather cord suits the charm and extends the form of the scarab, with a sophisticated couture and dandy style.


Solid 18K rose gold jewel hand finished – 7 grams, hand-set diamond, full cut diamond GVS, Made in Paris, Vendôme. Bug Me logo engraved on the back of the jewel, french and Goldsmiths hallmark for 18K gold, japanese fine cord leather and colour thread.


Solid sterling silver 930 jewel hand finished -4.80 grams, made in Paris, Vendôme. Bug Me logo engraved on the back of the jewel, goldsmiths hallmark for sterling silver, japanese fine cord leather and colour thread. 


To wrap and enhance the jewellery, Bug Me creates an exclusive fine leather pouch Deluxe, stamped with the Bug Me shield. This small case protects the bug, packs a gift and becomes a fully-fledged accessory.